Institution subordinate to the Department of Culture of Moscow
Institution subordinate to the Department of Culture of Moscow

Great British

Detailed information

19 April 2021
Moscow International House of Music (Svetlanovsky Hall),
Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, 52, bldg 8
Beginning at 19:00
Ticket reservation:
+7 (916) 866-99-99


  • Ulf VADENBRANDT (Sweden)


  • Magnus BAKLUND, vocals (Sweden)
  • Johan BODING, vocals (Sweden)
  • Simone ROMANATO, vocals (Italy)
  • Moscow City Symphony "Russian Philharmonic"


New life of eternal hits in the new project "Great British"!

The kings of British rock music - Sting, Elton John, Joe Cocker, George Michael, David Bowie, Robbie Williams, Eric Clapton, Beatles, Deep Purple, Queen, Rolling Stones!

Thanks to these musicians, British rock has become a legendary phenomenon on the world's musical Olympus!

An incredible mix of the explosive sound palette of rock musicians with the sound of big symphony orchestra awaits you!

Since the 60s, Great Britain has become the forge of world rock music, giving birth to new unique rock bands and solo rock singers, which are still incomparable in the world. The very fact that the band was founded in Foggy Albion already speaks for itself, providing the musicians with a special reputation. Today it can be argued that British singers are the most demanded in the world. Their famous romantic ballads and rock compositions remain on the short lists of all world radio stations, and The Beatles became the national pride of Great Britain, which showed the whole world that British rock is the benchmark in the musical field.

Swedish conductor Ulf Wadenbrandt has an irresistible charisma, from the first moments charges the audience with his incredible energy and turns each concert into a real musical show, uniting the orchestra, soloists and the audience. Performances by Magnus Backlund, Johan Boding and Simone Romanato are always held with dizzying success around the world. The artists have a huge worldwide army of fans, and they have already conquered the Moscow audience with their temperament, passion and amazing voices.